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    Can I limit the number of connections from a client?

    Is there any option in suqid which restrict the client 2 browse a single page only at a time.

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    Can I limit the number of connections from a client?

    I found the solution myself.
    Yes, use the maxconn ACL type in conjunction with http_access deny. For example:

    acl losers src
    acl 5CONN maxconn 5
    http_access deny 5CONN losers

    Given the above configuration, when a client whose source IP address is in the subnet tries to establish 6 or more connections at once, Squid returns an error page. Unless you use the deny_info feature, the error message will just say ``access denied.''

    Note, the maxconn ACL type is kind of tricky because it uses less-than comparison. The ACL is a match when the number of established connections is greater than the value you specify. Because of that, you don't want to use the maxconn ACL with http_access allow.

    Also note that you could use maxconn in conjunction with a user type (ident, proxy_auth), rather than an IP address type.

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    ** Thanks for the follow-up post, it will be a great help to others searching for an answer to the same problem in future. Cheers,


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