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    Many Different sized woes

    Hi People... fellow nerds.

    First Post!

    I'm newish to linux. I've worked with Red Hat a bit at uni for the last year and a half, however I've never really set a linux box up myself.

    I downloaded myself Mandrake 10, and I want to setup a few things on it, that Iím wondering you guys can help me with. I've been to a few tutorials and stuff, but I thought, rather than doing the footwork myself, I would ask some people who have covered the ground already. Here are my problems:

    1. I have set up a crappy samba share, I can see it from my windows machine, and log in. However explorer.exe will crash sometimes when I try to connect, and other times it will connect instantly, how can I fix this problem? I am not part of a domain, and both my windows and linux box are on the same switch. I am using windows XP SP1.

    2. How do I setup Mandrake to allow telnet access to it?

    3. How do I allow remote x sessions? I want to chuck this pc in the corner and use it, to help me with linux uni work. At uni they use X-Win 32.

    Any help would be appreciated. and donít get to technical!

    Thanks guys in advance!

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    1st one seems like a windows problem, sorry i cannot offer much more than that. Ok for the 2nd question, telnet is generaly a bad choice, but have you tried logging in via it? most systems have ssh configured by default (secure shell, an encrypted telnet session) try that, a free client like putty will handle it. For remote graphical administration you should useVNC, install something like realVNC server on the linux box and use a vnc viewer to acess it, other than that, you should be good.
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    One of many windows problems I guess :P would'nt mind a bit more of a difinitive fix of my samba probs :P

    When I try to telnet to my Mandrake box, it asks for a login / password. When I write it in, it says my password is incorrect or somthing. Is there some sort of crazy telnet passwd file I have to add users to or somthing?

    I'll try that VNC thingo.

    Remember, I'm an idiot, so explain how I go about doing things, as in where I find the file in question, what commands I am to write. All i know really is ll, chmod and mkdir :P

    Thanks again!


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