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    vsftpd configure separate (non home) folder for users

    I would like to configure vsftpd so that:

    The user: webadmin can read and write to /www and all files and folders in it

    The user: backup can read and write /backup and all files and folders in it

    I know how to send each user to their home directory and lock them there, but not to a custom folder and prevent access to anywhere else.

    Thank you very much!

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    i would have to check, but I believe you could do this...

    when you adduser, you can specify the home directory, it is a liux command line. I do not know about control panel options.

    vsftpd has a config that chroots(sort of) users into their home directories.

    in vsftp conf file

    local_enable=YES (allows local users to log in)
    chroot_local_user=YES (pretty much does it)

    two of these commands you probably already have there.
    The other, the chroot command, is special.
    I have not tried it out side of the home directories as that is my users directories...however, I would assume that it is keyed to the user's home directory that the user actually goes to, not /home/user....

    Should work fine.

    Now if using acontrol panel....well.....better check on that site first as they are a bit screwey

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