Hi all, been reading for a long time and finally needed to post to annoy the world with my problems.

I have recently been asked to take over some small parts of our linux systems since the guy who just left (was made to leave) screwed up completely. I understand how it all works and Im very careful about what I touch / move / delete / add.

I recieve hourly updates from the transport map on "what needs to be updated" but for some reason its asking for a lot of duplicate accounts to be put in (which are working fine).

For example:

< name1@domain.co.uk
> name1@domain.co.uk
> name1@domain.co.uk

< name2@domain.co.uk
< name3@domain.co.uk

> name3@domain.co.uk

Also a massive list of general accounts to be taken out which are constantly in use. No matter what I do it seems to come back every hour saying the same things even after reloading etc (I have been following some instructions left by the original - and very talented - linux engineer).

Any ideas? Sorry if its in the wrong place