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    import physical debian into VMWARE (ESX) server as a vServer


    howto import physical debian ETCH stable into VMWARE (ESX 3.5) as a virtual server (vServer)
    using VMware Converter ?
    if I try to convert with the VMware Converter, then I'm getting an error the system might be down or firewalled,
    but it isn't down or firewalled.
    what's wrong and which ports should be opened on debian to install an agent remotely ?

    kind regards

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    I would try posing the same query on the VMWare forums. You're likely to get a better answer, and faster to boot. Other than that, I would try reading documentation for VMWare converter. I'm sure a FAQ somewhere is answering your question.

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    vmware faq:
    Can I convert Linux servers with Converter?
    The Converter documentation states: “Experimental support only is available for Linux-based physical to virtual machine conversions using the Vmware Converter BootCD (cold cloning) if the source physical machine has SCSI disks.” Some people have had success converting Linux machines, others have not. If Converter does not work on your Linux machine you can try a commercially available conversion product from Platespin called PowerConvert which has full Linux support

    so what I have done is image the machine using ghost, acronis, partimage, or gfl, and then reimage into the vm, use live-cds for all steps

    or for the more complicated approach you could use dd and ncat, i can't seem to find my guide for this, try the others first.

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    thx, but where can I download an image for Vmware Converter BootCD ?
    I cannot find at VMware: Virtualization via Hypervisor, Virtual Machine & Server Consolidation - VMware

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    Hmmm....Google "vmware converter boot cd"

    NOTE: Cold cloning (VMware Converter BootCD) is only available as part of VMware Converter Enterprise.

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