I want to setup a simple FTP server to upload/download files, no problem here. I've managed to setup the ftp server with GPROFTPD under ubuntu, and it works fine, i can access it inside my home network from any computer running ftp:\\192.168.1.x

The big issue is that i can't access it from outside my network, i installed and configured noip2 and it's working nicely when i use VNC. But when i use it to access the ftp server it simply doesn't work

The strange thing is that when i try to connect to the FTP server from work it gets my public IP address but doesn't connect
Status: Resolving address of my.no-ip.org
Status: Connecting to 58.402.160.325:21...
Error:	Connection timed out
Error:	Could not connect to server
I have the router FTP ports open for the private IP address of my FTP server.

Can anyone help me? Pleaaaassse....