This server application looks intresting,according to benchmark at their site they are faster then lighttpd and ngix.I installed it,started admin(another intresting thing consider other servers doesnt have admin interface)but i stuck at php running and htpasswd.I followed documentation but no matter what i did neither php or htpasswd.
In case if you never tried this server app,you should try it by youself,after all i am sure better server optimization will be in interest of everyvone.Url of project is: Cherokee Web Server
I used tar.gz source to install it and it worked fine on centos 5.
I puted at port 79(since i installed on active apache server)and creating virtual host worked,but when i tried to load php file i getting download instead loading.Same with authentication,i followed instructions step by step and nothing happened when i loaded directory which should be protected by password.If noone have experience with this neither want to try this,then i will have to go with ngix.And i realy want to have httpd server which have best performance and i dont need more then php/msql and password protected directories.