After years of basic faultless service I am now experiencing reliability issues with mounting SAMBA shares from XP clients.
Roaming profiles have been turned off.
Client computers are XP Pro SP3 generally.
After logging onto the domain, and receieving no prompts, if I open My Computer I don't always see all of the shares assigned for a user. The number of shares that appear vary and infact the shares that appear for a user can also vary.
However even if all the shares are not visible under My Computer they can be acessed via START - RUN - \\server\sharename
Another odd occurance I have noticed is that the name at the top of the START menu can at times be the users first and then last name and then at other times it is their username,,,
Sometimes logging off and then logging back on will result in all the shares for a user being mounted under My Computer. At other times only some f the shares appear.
I would really appreciate any advice that might return our SAMBA shares mounting reliability.
Thanks for your time.
Cheers SC