I'm currently running Centos 5.2 with postfix, procmail and dovecot but it's just on a home LAN. I use fetchmail to get our emal from various ISP mail servers and use procmail to deliver them to different folders depending on whether it's addressed to me or my wife etc. We then use dovecot so we can access the emails from any PC on the home LAN.

However, I want to install Open-Xchange and this means replacing procmail with sieve and using dovecot deliver as the mail delivery agent. While looking into this I came across fetchmail --mda which made me think I could get rid of postfix which would be a good thing from a simplification point of view (postfix seems over the top for a home LAN). Any recommendations on something simple for a home LAN which would allow me to get email from ISP mailboxes and deliver to local account mailbox(es)?

One other requirement I have is to be able to run external scripts while processing the emails - procmail allows this but sieve doesn't. Any sugestions on how I might achieve this in a non-procmail environment which has to have sieve (Open-Xchange needs it)?