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    linux file server

    Ok, I'm a complete and utter noob to all of this linux stuff, and I apologize ahead of time if you believe this is in the wrong section, but I think this applies. Basically, I was wondering if there's any file hosting server softwares out there for linux which can be accessed via HTTP and have a GUI so that you can log onto it from, say, a windows or mac computer and download your files from that site. Thanks!

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    you could use webdav. google search apache webdav or php webdav

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    Do you really mean accessed by http, or do you mean through your web browser?

    I think what you're describing sounds like ftp. There are lots of ftp clients for windows, including most web browsers.
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    I do mean through HTTP. I want something similar to the functionality of HTTP File Server (windows, google it if you'd like). I am, however, also going to set up access to the same database of files through the FTP protocol as well. The reason for the HTTP access and the GUI is because I'm starting my own small business, I want those who have little or no knowledge or time for figuring out how to use FTP programs or FTP in general to be able to use the service.

    Thanks guys

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    It sounds like you just want to setup an Apache or lighttpd web server. This allows directory browsing with a web browser if the permission are setup correctly. a user would just go to and would see files listed in that directory, if you wanted password protection you can just use a .htaccess file

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