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    Question Redirecting HTTP request to another webserver

    Hi All,

    Can you please answer my following question:

    I have two web servers; one is based on Linux Operating System and the second one is based on AIX OS, and both are geographically apart, with no NFS (Network File System) between them.

    Suppose the client makes a request to one of the web servers to undertake his task. But when one of the servers is down, the job has to be redirected (either IP level with packet rewriting or at HTTP level or any other method) to the other web server.

    Again, I may want to redirect any client request from one server to the other, maybe based on load or based on any other logic

    My questions are:
    i) Is it possible to implement this model (ie, one: redirection when one
    server is down, and the second: redirection based on some other logic such
    as load) using the Apache Tomcat Server. If it is possible with Tomcat, please help us to know more details as to how this can be implemented by
    providing an appropriate link

    ii) If the Server-1 is down which component will take care of
    redirecting the job into next nearest Server

    Thanks and Regards,

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    this can be done with simple load balancing. for http you can use pen, haproxy, or lvs.

    I prefer lvs with ldirectord and heartbeat for highavailability but googling any of those should work. pen and haproxy are very easy to use but I would only recommend using it for http.

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