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    Someone has to ask.

    Ok im still a little new to servers period. I just have a some questions that i would love to get answers. Yes i know there noob questions.

    1. Why do most servers have 2 Ethernet ports.
    2. Why are they so primitive? Like I see many with 800ghz and only 256 Ram
    3. What other hardware do i need to make a them work [ Firewall,switch and so forth]
    4. And last but not least do i need a amazing internet connection to run a decent server i have 10 Mbs. All i wanna do is use my server as a ssh tunnel and have a storage place.

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    1. A server is any computer running a network application that can be communicated with by other network users. e.g. my server is running on my desktop at home, and looks exactly like a regular desktop computer. They might have 1 ethernet port or dozens.
    2. See previous comment.
    3. You will definitely need a good firewall, and to think very hard about security, if you're running an internet facing server. People will be trying to crack your server within minutes of it going online -- and no, I'm no exaggerating.
    4. It depends on your traffic, but I have less than 1Mps up, and mine runs great. I use mine as an ssh tunnel for light traffic, storage, and a web server for family and friends.
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