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    Is samba client active or inactive?


    I would like to help in this problem:
    There is a "who -u" command in Linux. This command can to show the current users (ssh, telnet, etc...), and these users since when are inactive.
    Is there command in Samba (3.0.22-13.16-SUSE-SLES10), which can to show the active and inactive users, and the inactive users since when are inactive?


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    Samba and Webmin

    There must be a way because I can see my "connected users" with webmin. So there must be a command line command that will get you the same thing.

    Try to google samba connected users to see what you get.

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    I know an Samba command: smbstatus
    This command shows the connected users.
    But I need these:
    1. which user is inactive (user is connecting, but isn't doing anything)
    2. since when user is inactive

    I didn't find anything whith Google.


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    Samba and Webmin


    What about ps -ef | grep <userid> once you know who is connected? You should be able to script something that will get you what you need I would think.

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