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    Help - Transitioning from a Windows to a Linux domain

    Just struck me that I should probably have posted this here... so here...

    Right now I am using a windows 2000 domain controller that handles authentication and acts as my server for my home network. At any time I have at least 3-4 client PCs that I am using, but this tends to fluctuate quite a bit, and I expect it to grow sharply in the future. The client PCs must be windows-based simply because I write strategy guides for games, and use quite a few other applications, that are Windows only, as far as I know.

    Anyway... this is my home setup, not some corporate network, and I just do this for security and access control (after all, when I have kids or other people over, they have no business being able to access any personal documents or financial information I may have).

    That said, M$ seriously gouges people who want to run a domain controller. What idiot thought only businesses use that, I don't know. That said, it struck me that I believe a friend of mine one time mentioned he had switched out his windows domain controller with a linux one. I don't remember who it was, it was some time back, but I just figured why don't I do the same? Besides, I trust Linux to be more secure anyway, so it sounds like a good idea... and I really should start familiarizing myself with Linux anyway.

    The only thing that I'm unsure of is can I do this? Am I remembering that correctly... Also how would I go about doing this, and what Linux iteration should I use? Personally, all I know is that I don't care for Red Hat ever since they went to whatever the heck new format it is that they are using now, but I am unsure beyond that. Please help. Any thoughts would help.

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    OK. I am using ClarkConnect so I am not 100% sure that this will work on your version of Nix. But you can look here for information on it:

    I hope that these links are of some assistance to you.

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    You can use SAMBA as a DC- files server -print server - jukebox - webserver- Great thing to is it can do all of that on one box with half of the ram as a w2kbox and without the license issues. Anything you can use a wn2k server to do your linux box will do. Don't be afraid to use RH9. RH9 is still more than capable to handle this. It also can do all that stuff right beside a w2k box.

    For the most part edit the smb.conf file (change workgroup to match) and add users and it will pretty much work. There is a little more to it but if you get that far feel free to post more questions.

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