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Thread: Email Server

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    Email Server

    In the interest of setting up a email server I would like your advice on whats best. I have already looked through many websites and guides but I would like to hear your views on what works best based on your personal experience.

    Which application(s) do you find work best as a email server? Obviously I need POP and SMTP. I have looking at Exim and Cyrus as I believe these can offer an all-in-one solution, although I am not sure if this would be a good idea.

    I am further looking to incorporate the following features:
    Anti-Virus (Clamav)
    Anti-Spam (Spamassassin or Sieve)
    Access Control List

    Thanks for the advice

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    as a newbie postfix will be best

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    My suggesion would be sendmail or exim ...
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    I agree with mererdin.. postfix for newbie. relatively easy. decent doc available.


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    I started with sendmail, then upgraded to postfix + amavisd-new + sspamassassin.
    All of these email server stacks are extremely flexible with a mid level learning curve.

    If I have a chance to start fresh, I would really like to use All-In-One mail solution such as UNISON or ZIMBRA. These free mail server stacks offers very nice centralized administration/client service and easy install. They have everything from anti-virus, anti-spam, calendar, webmail, todo list and UNISON even have PBX (VOIP) built in (pop and imap too of course). They use all the open source tools like postfix and spammassassin devcot...etc and control them with a GUI through a web interface.

    Starting with sendmail and postfix will really force you to learn about the in/out of a mail server. However, these are really things that you configure once and don't have to touch again for a long time.

    I really think All-In-One mail solution like UNISON or ZIMBRA is the way to go. The only thing that is holding me back to use them is the migration of our existing mail server.

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