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Thread: SQL Server

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    SQL Server

    How intensive is the MySQL process on your server?

    At the moment my MySQL is only using a very low amount of system resources, but I am interested to learn how much memory and cpu MySQL would use if there was lets say 500,000,000 queries a month.

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    You might be interested in this blog post and especially in its' replies:
    how-much-network-traffic-does-your-mysql-server-receive .

    # of queries is not linked to CPU/memory usage. It's the kind of query you send to server that eats up your CPU. Try to see how many "slow queries" you have on a server.

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    I agree with checking the amount of slow queries that you get. I also use the Performance Tuning Primer script ( It can give you a good idea of some settings that can be tweaked in your my.cnf file. The script suggests that your MySQL server should be up and running for at least 48 hours before using the script and following its recommendations. I'll also add that you should take whatever it tells you with a grain of salt and do some research before you change anything. It can, however, give you a good frame of reference as to some things that can help your performance.

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