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    what causes kernel panic init error?

    i'm a linux newbie and my web site is hosted by a reputable hosting company. very recently i encountered a problem with the web server's "admin" screen which is an ensim product. there were errors on the screen, which i unfortunately did not write down, so i could not perform admin functions. we then had the hosting company reboot the server thinking that this would solve the matter but it did not. the server could not boot into the OS resulting in the error message - kernel panic init error. i've been pulling my hair trying to figure out what might have caused this and the hosting company did not give me a satisfactory answer. anyone, please help.

    also, can disk space shortage cause this? the web server admin screen used to show something like "1700MB/2000MB used". i know we have more that 2GB of space on the hard drive but our web guy would increment the allotted space 500MB at a time. and i know we do NOT have 1700MB of stuff. when we first launched it would say 300MB/1000MB. then it would increment very rapidly like 500MB/1000MB a few days later. i would wonder where the heck did the 200MB come from? i asked our web guy but he didn't know and that he would find out. so i was wondering if our disk space supassed the 2000MB point before we could increase the space thus causing this nightmare.

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    a boot up a init panic may be caused by the kernel needing an initrd (a RAM disk used to assist with installing new hardware/configuration at boot time) and not being able to find it. This could be due to that file being corrupted, or deleted, or the boot loader config being corrupted.

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    how does that file become corrupted, or deleted, or the boot loader config become corrupted?

    also, can disk space shortage cause the kernel panic?

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