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    Tip: Reduce httpd binary size

    Just a little tip for people running apache who really want to improve performance though reducing the size of your httpd binary.

    You can set your CFLAGS environment variable to contain information passed to GCC when using "make" to build software. After much experimentation i have found that this deliver's the best results:
    export CFLAGS="-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -s"
    I thought i would share that, as i havent found anything else like it documented on the web (specifically for apache).

    Also to improve apache performance, explicitly disable modules you dont need. For my apache 1.3 installation, i used on my apache ./configure line:
    --disable-module=userdir --disable-module=imap
    From doing that, I was able to reduce the size of my httpd binary by about 18%.


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    When it comes to reducing binary files it migh help if you changed "-O3" to "-O2" or even "-Os". AFAIK, the O3 flag will inline many functions to their callers, which can increase performance in some cases and decrease in others, but certainly will increase code size. With O2 this is only true fot the functions marked "inline" by the programmer.
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    in theory, -Os should give the smallest binary, and -O3 should give the largest (but fastest) binary. not always the case, but nothing is "always"

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