So that old PC idea got thrown out simply because (it was just too loud LOL)

I went out and got an old dell rack server its running debian and here is what I went with for set up.

dd-wrt router
server | file server | PC's

I had to get the Sonicwall cause the DD-WRT crap I got wasn't working for me I had to get the micro version and iptables wouldn't work or I wasnt doing it right... (Cause no matter how many of my linux books with iptables discussions i read I just dont get it LOL) So now its just working as a switch all the ips are distributed by the Sonicwall...

I also have a file server running samba I used to VPN into the lan when needed from my office or just whenever and also ssh into the server itself, should I move everything into the server and get rid of the extra pc or should I keep it separate?