Hi everyone, I am a noob to linux (but am competent with M$(sorry)) and need some assistance with a postfix/spamassassin/procmail problem.

I have a mailserver set up on a client site using postfix/procmail with spamassassin and razor installed. I have configured procmail so that when a message that has been assessed by spamassassin and razor breaches the threshold it gets sent to a folder called /spamMail.

This has been working successfully until I dropped the threshold a little too low and caught a few messages that shouldn't have been caught.

Here's my problem.

The filenames for messages in the /spamMail folder are in the format msg.ABCD while messages delivered to the users .maildir folder have names constructed with a time/date.domainname (or something very similar).

I have tried sendmail -t < msg.ABCD but that puts it back in the delivery queue at the beginning and it gets snaffled by procmail again. I want to put it back in the queue at the point where procmail has finished with it so it can get delivered to the user.

I would appreciate any assistance.