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    Question firebird: debian or ubuntu server?

    hi to everyone

    the system that my company develops uses firebird. today, our system only support 2k or newer, but the firebird in windows is being a pain in the ass. we're planning to move the database to a linux machine.

    the machine will only run the firebird and some maintenace scripts. today we're running firebird 1.5, but soon we'll move to 2.0.

    i'm used to install a stable (rock-solid) debian on my servers, but recently i'm reading a lot about ubuntu server, how secure and stable it is, and lots of big companys using it on datacenters.

    can u guys share some experience with me?

    tks in advance []

    ps: sorry about my poor english, i'm from brasil

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    Linux Engineer jledhead's Avatar
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    I personally don't consider something with a 2.26 kernel (or similar, its been a while) as being rock solid stable.

    for everything else, I use debian sid and ubuntu. for servers, if I want it to be stable and to never worry about it, I use debian. Thats just my preference.

    Debian spent 20 or so months before releasing etch and I think lenny is around 21 or 22 months right now. some might call that being anal and say release it already, but if I need something stable then I am going with debian stable.

    Thats just my pref though

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    Linux Enthusiast Bemk's Avatar
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    I am using Ubuntu server(8.04 LTS) and to me it feels like a pretty stable system. I've had no crashes.

    My current kernel is 2.6.24-23. That works fine for me. (It's just a small web-server on a P IV, 512 MB DDR RAM, 20GB HDD)

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    Linux Guru coopstah13's Avatar
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    If you are going with ubuntu, I'd say make sure you pick 8.04, because it will have much longer support life. That being said I have used both ubuntu server and debian etch on servers, and ubuntu server felt just about as stable as etch, hardly ever getting updates, except for security ones.

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