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    Postfix with or without MySQL?


    I'm in a bind. Time is suddenly short and I need to get a mail server up and running pretty quick.

    We have a server at Rackspace. They support Postfix but not Postfix with MySQL, so if we want MySQL we're on our own.

    We'll have 300 users, all employees. Mostly all on one domain but there's a few other tiny domains. We'll have a few list servs, probably with Mailman.

    What's the recommendation? Postfix with MySQL or without MySQL?


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    I ran a postfix server for a bit that was a gateway (sort of) machine, it handled all incoming and outgoing mail for a couple mail servers, maybe 800 users. no one actually connected to this machine though. I didn't use mysql and it was very responsive and I never had an issue.

    if you do go with mysql, are you hosting it? if so then you also have to consider the additional overhead (your server, power, network,....).

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    Thanks. As for hosting, well the server will live at Rackspace, but the email domains are for our company's employees.

    I'm certain our leased server and it's network can more than handle any MySQL for this kind of use.

    Is anyone aware of any functionality that we'd get if we go with MySQL that we wouldn't have with the default flat files and system users? By functionality I mean anything our users would be able to do with their email, not necessarily anything the server admin can or can not do.

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