We're in a bind that we need a Postfix server up and running in short order. I'm confused about filters and rules for Squirrelmail or Round Cube users.

My goal is for a user (employees) to be able to create a folder and then set up a rule where all incoming messages from *@somedomain.com go into their new folder.

This seems to be a server side process so anyone wanting a filter would need the email administrator to set it up, using Procmail.

There seem to be a few plug-ins for Squirrelmail but they're several years old.

Can some help bring me up to speed on the issues and options? We have a RHEL server at Rackspace but they don't support anything but the standard Postfix install and troubleshooting.

We're a bit new to Postfix et al, and we have an unexpectedly short deadline, so time is short for learning curve and due diligence.