I would like to do the following: after logging in a remote server ("remote") from my computer ("aless"), I would like to open Nautilus in "aless" on the directory of "remote in which I am.

aless:~$ nautilus smb://remote/loginName/    #This one works
aless:~$ ssh loginName@remote/path  #This one works

remote:~$ ssh aless@IPAddress ls  #This one works
remote:~$ ssh -X aless@IPAddress nautilus ./ #This one works, it opens /home/aless
But the following
remote:~$ ssh -X aless@IPAddress nautilus smb://remote/loginName/
does not work: it opens nautilus at /home/aless but I get the pop-up:
PHP Code:
Couldn't display "smb://remote/loginName/". Nautilus cannot handle smb: locations 
Any suggestion?Thanks