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    NFS Server/Client shutdown procedure ?

    I need help in determining how to shutdown NFS client and server. I looked up existing documentation and could not find the right way to shutdown either client or servers.
    in /etc/exports on server name: nfs_server
    /myhome ftp_server((rw,no_root_squash,sync), http_server(rw,no_root_squash,sync)

    On the client side /etc/fstab
    nfs_server:/myhome /myhome nfs defaults 0 0
    Question is, do you unmount the drives before shutting down NFS service on clients, or you shut down services say for http_server = httpd daemon, then nfs, nfslock followed by unmounting of /myhome?

    On the server side do you have to unmount /myhome before shutting down NFS services?

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    unmount nfs drives before shutting down services

    On the NFS Client side, the NFS drives needs to be unmounted before stopping NFS client services: nfs, nfslock.

    step1. look at all NFS drives that are mounted: mount [command]
    nfs1:/home/services services
    nfs1:/home/software /home/software
    nfs1:/internet/downloads /downloads

    step2. umount /services
    umount /home/software
    umount /downloads

    step3. service nfs stop

    On the server side, the service nfs stop , no need to unmount drives

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