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    Samba, Creating user's to access shares

    Hi there I am currently in the process of tinkering with Samba, I have a windows XP machine and a Debian Rig, both machines are communicating with each other fine

    And I completed my first Samba config which is all working great.

    [ global ]
    workgroup = Dragon
    security = SHARE
    [ Plans ]
    path = / plans
    read only = Yes
    guest ok = Yes

    Currently as you can see from the above example, there is no security on the share and anyone can access the computer.

    I want to know the procedure for creating a user and a password so that they can access the samba share.

    Do I have to create a Samba user, Samba password, Linux user, and windows user? this is really confusing me.

    Using the above example how would I go about creating a user called Bob to only have access to the samba shares.

    Many Thanks

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    To add a user

    # smbpasswd -a bob
    and to change its password

    # smbpasswd bob
    type and confirm the password...Done.

    make sure you have
    smb passwd file = /etc/smbpasswd
    security = user
    under [global] in smb.conf

    once you make share add this under your [<share>]
    valid users = bob
    public = no

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    [ global ]
    workgroup = Dragon
    security = USER
    [ Plans ]
    path = / plans
    writable = yes
    guest ok = No

    add one linux system user by : useradd dragon
    change system user to samba user by : samba -a draon
    entype password: 123

    so you can access samba from windows by using [user:draon, password:123]

    any help?

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    Thank you for the replies, I havent had time tonight to test both solutions. But I will sitdown and have a tinker tommorow,

    Regarding the Samba user configuration do I need to create a user on the windows box which matches the user created within smb.conf

    I.e if I were to logon on my windows box as user and then try to access the samba shares and i'm greeted with the authentication prompt and I type in bobs credientials would it work, even though i'm using a different windows u/n

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    Yes, you can login in samba user account with other windows account.

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    Thank you all for your help, I shall experiment tonight and report back my smb.conf and progress.

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