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    NFS server export data changes, easiest way for the clients to see the new data?

    I have an NFS server. We may constantly update the data that is exported on the server. If I update the data, the client cannot see the new data unless I reboot.

    Can I just restart an NFS client process? (im on redhat workstation) If so what process? What is the easiest and most automated way of doing this so the end-users on the client machines arent constantly tasked with having to restart their client software?

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    client can not see new data ?
    maybe permission problem

    /share <--- change to 777 or try "chown nfsnobody:nfsnobody /share

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    Well, let me explain more.

    The client can access the NFS share just fine and see the data. Permissions do not appear to be a problem.

    What happens is on the server I update the data with the latest versions of said data, and the client cant "see" the new version of the data. A friend rebooted the client and it saw the new version of the data. I am guessing we have to reconnect to the NFS server to "refresh" the list. I was just curious if there is an easy and automated way of refreshing it so all the clients users dont have to manually reboot or re-connect to the share.

    If the server restarts NFS will this refresh it? I believe right now NFS is setup that if the server goes down the client doesnt know and has to refresh the connection anyway, so I figured its an issue on the client side, not the server side.

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