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    Where to start - Linux Server

    Im not sure if i should have put this in the "newbie" or "servers" section, but here goes.

    I would like to make a Linux server. (Bare with me)

    The reason, for a project! and if it works i would want it to be used for a web page, torrent tracker and forum hosting.

    My question here is, where should i start? I have read a few blogs/tutorials on the net about making a server, need a reliable PC, some form of Linux and and internet connection but they are not very detailed. I would like a good book or web page that describes the details.

    Also, i should state that i do not use linux, and it would be my first time.
    So im thinking i should get a basic linux book (ive heard the idiots guide is rubbish, any other suggestions?). Then a 'build a linux based server' book. Im a little stumped with all the different distributions of linux, although i would be happy to just stick with one, such as red hat as it seems popular for servers, although ive heard ubuntu is easier to use?

    Basically i am looking for information on how to build a linux server, which could be simple and run out of my bed room with my standard internet connection, and could add more computers to it latter with its own net connection to make it a real decent server.

    Where should i start?

    p.s. I hope i dont come across as a complete moron, i have a lot of computer experience, although its all with windows. I program (although its only in BASIC), and do a lot of hardware mods, overclocking and such.

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    Dear friend,

    first ignore my English,

    i suggesting that you will find any Red hat CBT from market. and you don't need any one computer and you need will configure your server and in one and system through the help of VMware application.

    VMware is virtual system you can install multi O/S in VMware application. but network is requirement for the VMware.

    if you are going to use book in that case some where you will be confuse so i will suggest for CBT.

    hope you got the answer


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    If you're looking for a book suggestion, you could go for one of the Bible books (eg 'The Fedora Core 6 Bible'). They're maybe a bit basic, but they'd get you up and running.

    O'Reilly books are generally good too, in particular 'Running Linux'.

    As for the distro, Redhat/Fedora, Ubuntu, or Debian would probably be good choices (personally I prefer the latter), and all make the process of installing software easy.

    A good 'build a linux server' book or online tutorial might be a bit hard to find, since it's a bit of a vague subject, and the installation would be quite distribution-dependent.

    Something like Ubuntu should guide you through setting up your network though, then you can just apt-get a few things and you'll be half way there.

    It'd be worth reading up on yum (if you choose Fedora) or apt (if you choose Debian/Ubuntu), networking (things like ifconfig and route), and Apache configuration.

    Actually, come to thing of it, try Googling for something like 'installating a LAMP server' (the keyword being LAMP), that should give you some better results


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