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    Seeking advice on heartbeat technology

    Hello everyone,

    I have to set up a classic configuration : a main server and its backup (both gentoo), with replication and failover, in a passive/active configuration.
    I had no problem with data sync, DB replication and ip failover, but I'm kind of stuck with the monitoring and trigger of failover and failback.

    I took a look at Heartbeat v2 from the Linux-HA projet, but it seems like it's for local configuration, with the two servers being linked by a physical heartbeat cable.

    What I'm looking for is an application which can monitor the availablity of some services (httpd, mysqld) on another server, over internet (ping monitoring is not enough). And then trigger a given script on failure.
    Same thing with failback : monitor return of services and execute failback script.
    (Actually they are in the same data center, but it's easier to assume it happens over internet.)

    So, any advice on this? Maybe Heartbeat v2 from linux-HA can actually do this and I misunderstood the doc (I found it kind of though to understand), if so I would be glad if anyone could summarize how to do so. If not, I'm open to any application that can achieve this.

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    It sounds like you're 90% there already. I'd say that Heartbeat is exactly what you want - you don't need a physical cable, it operates over TCP/IP.

    If you take a look at a sample HA config file, you'll see that it defines a list of commands/scripts to run when a server takes over as master, and when it relinquishes it's er masterness.

    By default I believe it does just use an ICMP ping, but you might be able to configure it to probe a specific service. Or you could just roll your own little script to check the availability of a service, then run the HA/ldirector stuff if necessary. If you look at the HA docs, you'll see that you can easily trigger a failover/back via the command line.

    Have you looked at Ultra Monkey by the way? Has some nice documentation

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    Ok, I will go through Linux-HA docs again. What I have most issues with is the cib.xml config, there are lots of options I don't need. The ip managment and failover procedure are already ready, I don't need Heartbeat to take care of it, I just want it to monitor and launch scripts.
    If you say it's possible, I guess I will just have to dig in deeper to find how to do this. I find the Heartbeat doc to be one of the most complex I had to read until today. :o (not that it's badly done, it just has lots of information)
    I will check Ultra Monkey too, thank you!

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    heartbeat v2 can do some monitoring. But you can also use mon Main Page - Mon Wiki

    which will monitor anyway you want and take action however you want, If you have something like cacti or another monitor like snmp that would be better. but mon will definitly do the job.

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