Greetings again!

I shuted down sendmail and dovecot because they didn't work how i expected, so
i installed citadel mail server now, say it works very good but i have one problem with it

I must check my server requires authentication in mail client, because if don't checked he print error: "you must be logged in to be able to send mail from this server" or something similar, ok i checked...everything seems to work ok.

Now the problem is that: i can't use webmail! in logs he print same error, in webmail i don't know can i check something like my server requires auth. ?

I tried to search on the internet answer, but only thing i was found is this:

"In admin panel of Citadel check "allow unsecured smtp authentication" (domain mail spoofing)"

So i tried that, and then i don't need anymore to check my server requires authentication!

But that is not the happy end, now webmail display different error:

error 550 (or 551 not sure) relaying denied!

What is now the problem? i can't find option for setting up relaying in citadel mail server. I think that relaying is need to be set for localhost?

I tried with roundcube and squirrelmail

Thank again!