Hi Everyone,

I want to make a local mirror of my remote IMAP server (provided by my shared hosting service). I have been looking at a few tools for this, but not sure which one is suitable for me. I have a local dedicated server for personal use that I want to sync my remote IMAP to, and then use my mail client on a different machine to access that local copy only. If I delete anything, get an e-mail, etc... the changes I make the the local server copy should be made to the remote copy as well (and vice versa). Also, it would be nice to have backup features as well. Preferably, I would want it to run as a cron periodically checking my mail and updating both the remote and local versions. So far, I have looked at isync (mbsync), imapsync and offlineimap.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance...

....one more thing, obviously the local server mirror should have a consistent format that is compatible with an IMAP server (Postfix?), so I can serve the e-mails on my local network.