Distro=Debian Sarge

When I type www.mydomain.net it resolves but ends up adding a directory to it:


Because I'm a paranoid nut and finally have the distro up and running. I was wondering how to stop it from adding the directory the proper way. Would deleting it be enough or do I risk messing something up?

I also have php and mysql running is there anything in the apache2.conf file that needs to me added or changed? The reason I ask is with apache 1.3 (on another install) there are lines in httpd.conf that were added. I pretty much followed the instructions for woody at www.falkotimme.com (Debian Setup) but now with sarge I thought I would ask here.

One last thing under debian woody apache 1.3 I was able to intall webalizer and then pretty much had http://www.mydomain.net/webalizer show my stats. Now I have an empty webalizer directory under apache 2.
.....Really could use the help sorry and thanks.