Ok first i am new to this linux stuff i have some basic knowledge with it but not enough to do this on my own. I am wanting to set up my desktop puter with mepis 8 fresh install and install either lampp or xampp package as a server base along with a control package for it. I am needing help to make sure its set up right and secure for use. I also have to figure out how to access this with my laptop also running mepis 8 from remote locations or with other puters. The problem here is the desktop is hard wired to a linksys router w/ wireless and the laptop of course is wireless. This is all connected to the net threw dsl so i know i have a changing IP on the dsl with the router controling the IPs for computers connected to it. So i have to find a way to connect the desktop (server) to the changing dns or IP so it can always be accessed from over the net remotly by either my laptop or any other puter (I.E. friends puter in another state).

Plz remember i am new to this and only have been using mepis for about 3-4 weeks and love it lol. But i am wanting to learn more as well as try some other things i found would be easier if i had a personal server set up to use as a test bed. This server is not going to be open to the public for use but i need to be able to access it from the desktop itsself and from other puters such as laptop over the net when i need to .

a good statement of info and a step by step easy to understand aid would be nice.