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    postfix half-virtual domains

    I'm trying to configure postfix-dovecot-fetchmail (to maildir) on my home server, and I'm facing some difficulties with postfix virtual mailbox configuration.

    What I want is... my virtual domain is Mail for, where is in virtual_mailbox_maps, should be delivered locally with virtual transport, according to virtual_mailbox_maps.

    Mail for, where everything_else is *not* listed in virtual_mailbox_maps (and I'm not fetching it with fetchmail), should be delivered thru my isp smtp relay.

    The typical case is... I want to fetch mail for, but I want to be able to write to, address that I DON'T manage on my server....

    Now.. if I PUT in virtual_mailbox_domains, I can receive (with fetchmail) messages for Fetchmail sends them to postfix smtp and postfix uses virtual transport to put them in maildir folder. If I write something to, messages are delivered correctly directly to maildir folder.

    BUT... I can't write messages to because, being not listed in virtual_mailbox_maps, they are rejected.

    If I DON'T put in virtual_mailbox_domains, I can send messages to, but I can't receive for/send to, because postfix relays to my isp smtp (looping forever).

    What a mess!

    Any suggestion?

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    This sounds like open relay territory to me.

    Set up an alias (not sure how to do it in postfix) that points to This means that only user2 can be 'relayed' through your server. Otherwise you are opening your server right up.

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    Actually, I only trust my local subnet for relay.

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