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    Mail Server Functionality

    Have a problem and looking for some guidance...

    The setup:
    Say you have a company receiving email on domain domain.tld. They also have domains someotherdomain.tld and theotherdomain.tld. Now the only valid emails on someotherdomain.tld and theotherdomain.tld are info@someotherdomain.tld and info@theotherdomain.tld. You would of course forward these on to someone like nancy@domain.tld to handle them and respond and this is where the fun comes in.

    The problem:
    Is there an application that can remove all the headers and rewrite the from address to info@someotherdomain.tld or info@theotherdomain.tld depending on who Nancy is responding to?

    We currently have a C application that is working but we need to move this process to a new server and the individual who wrote it is no longer with the company. We need a new way of doing this that we can manage and support ourselves going forward.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sendmail has some pretty comprehensive rewrite rules, but I've never really got into them. Maybe it can handle it (but you'd probably need to do a lot of reading to know for sure).

    Also you might be able to achieve something similar to what you want with virtual users, which many mail transports support.
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    in postfix, you can setup alias for an address so that it points to another account, pretty easy to setup, virtual domains I believe. Never used sendmail but I would imagine it would be similarly easy.

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