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    TR-069 Information


    I was trying to understand how the TR-069 works. According to the
    explanations defined by broadband-forum, there is a SOAP part that is
    used to transfer XML encoded RPC calls or their responses. What i didn't
    understand is the RPC part of the protocol.

    If a CPE received a SOAP message over http, it seems it should first
    parse the message to understand the method name that is being called.
    Then the method should be called as a RPC. At this point the method can
    be either defined at locally or at a remote server. So i didn't get the
    point here why RPC is used? After the method name is defined by parsing
    the XML, the local method can be called without any RPC services
    running, right?

    A RPC imlementation requires a client and server side programs running.
    Normally, according to the TR-069 protocol, should there be a RPC
    service running on the CPE machine both as a client and server?

    So i am not so sure about the SOAP and RPC process that is defined at
    the TR-069. I will be happy if someone give a clear info about it.

    And will be happy if someone developed an opensource CPE client so that i can read the codes to understand how it works.

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    Hi Oguzy,

    any progress with this issue ? I also muss develop a CPE client, but can`t find an open source help so far.

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