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    Postfix Amavis filters

    I'm running a fairly simple Postfix mail server using amavis to mark spam. Postfix uses virtual mapping through mysql to route mail to user's mailboxes.

    What I'm trying to figure out how to do is to take any of those emails that have been marked by amavis (through spam assassin) with the header insertion "X-Spam-Flag: Yes" and re-route them, instead of to the inbox, to another folder. Say the folder junkmail.

    I've done this before but I was using procmail back then. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Did you work out how to do this? I'm am wanting to do the same thing, but no one seems to be answering these or similar posts

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    If you are using postfix then you are most probably using deliver instead of procmail for LDA, deliver can be configured to use sieve rules for global or per-user filtering, redirection, etc.

    A good place to start is (not posting as url b/c is my first post and LF won't let me)

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