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    Switch from Exim to web host

    hi all,

    Could someone help me with this? I have a server running debian and exim as my MTA. So all my companies emails go through this server which is on site.

    I would like to switch this so I have my emails going to a new web hosting account I would like to set up.

    Could someone tell me how my set up could be working now, and how I could change to what I want?


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    All you need to do is change the MX record of the DNS to point to the DNS address of your new mail server.

    First make sure you have a domain like pointing to the IP Address of your web-hosts Mail Server.

    Then change your DNS MX record to it.

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    I'm sorry I should of said that I do not know much about sysadmin, so I am not entirely sure what you mean.

    If I explain a bit more about what I want:

    -currently our mail goes to the server onsite, which has a the address
    -our website is hosted by our support company that set up this system
    -I want to sign up for another host, transfer all our domains and use the email system provided by our new host company. Therefore using their servers.
    -This means we are able to cancel our support contract, as the webhost looks after their servers.

    I think I have just understood what you meant about a pointing a domain, would I create a sub domain using my web hosts control panel, like then point that to there mail server.

    So at the moment the settings my support company have on my domain would be pointing to the IP of my server on site?
    And when I take over my domain on my new host those settings would be deleted, and I would now have the new settings above?

    How would I get the emails that I have on my current server onto my new server? I use POP and IMAP with my current server, but all emails should be on the server onsite. But I obviously now want them backed up the on the new server.
    Thanks for your help so far!

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    Ok, I think the main thing I need to know is how I am going to transfer my existing emails and email addresses from my onsite server to my hosts mail server. I thinking of going with 1 and 1 btw.

    Could do with some help quite urgently now, if anyone is willing to give me some advice.

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