Good morning to everyone.

In my linux box i have installed Mandriva powerpack 2009 and samba.

My XP machines can connect via samba on linux and have access to the personal files. (so far everything works well).

I have enabled the quota and the local group "users" has a quota limit of 10Gb.

The problem is that instead of every user under the local group "users" have 10Gb of disk space, the members of that group shares the 10Gb of space.

So far this problem can be solved if i create a new group same as the user's name (and uid) and set the quota for that group. But, by that way i loose the control of a whole group.

I was hoping that using a quota for a whole group, every member in that group might have the same ammount of space as the local group (in my case 10Gb).

Im not a linux guru and i really cant tell if i did something wrong, or the linux works that way.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks in Advance.