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    Setting up A File server

    Hi all.. I'm new to the forum and to Linux.
    i have been asked to set up/build(from scratch) a file/back-up server for the small business i work for. we will basically be using the server to store files(openoffice/MS office docs, photos, vidoes.ect) to be accessed by users over a network, also we will be backing-up/saving our quickbooks files on the server..

    The main reason for the server is for Quickbooks and this will determine if we even use a linux server(i would love too use linux, but i have to follow the Boss) I've seen some problems with quickbooks and Linux and was looking at VirtualBox as a possibility for that.
    so my Questions are:

    1. Will virtualBox/Quickbooks work on a Linux server on a network?
    --if not are there any alternatives?

    2. Which distro would be best(Stabillity wise)i've heard some good things about Fedora, Slackware, Gentoo, Redhat, Debian and fresDSB..whats your opinion on these or others
    ----I've used ubuntu a little. but other than that have no experience with Linux

    3. I have been asked to use a RAID array. will hardware or software be better to run the RAID on a linux server?

    any other suggestions/cautions/comments.ect for setting up a file server would be greatly appreciated


    Thanks a million in advance


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    Hardware raid is more expensive (as software raid is free), but it the better of the two. If you wish to use linux as a file server, consider setting up a Samba Share.

    As for quickbooks - I am not sure of the software, but if it is something that runs on the client systems, then there is no reason it couldn't store its files on the Samba Share surely? Or is quickbooks a program that runs on the server? If so, and it is a windows based program, then VirtualBox is an option, as is VMWare.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Quickbooks in kinda complicated in the way it does things. it an accounting program and is basivly a big database. i'm not exactly sure how the program on the windows box would interact with the files saved onto the server. i've talked to some folks and they say that in linux it just doesn't seem to quite work right. thats why i asked about the virtual machine, create virtual XP on the server and use that to save the files.
    anyways. i'm about to test it out on a spare computer and we'll see what happens. i'm still open for any and all suggestions



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