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    how to configure apache reverese proxy

    i have an apache that serves as a reverse proxy for a resin (servlet container), right now all the website is processed by resin.
    now i want to add joomla cms for the articles of the website so i need the apache to serve the joomla/php and all the other stuff to be sent to the resin and beneath for the joomla
    all the other for the resin

    how can i set the apache to do so?


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    Why not use something like Squid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Touchtecservers View Post
    Why not use something like Squid?
    as far as i know, i can use Apache as the reverse proxy , so why add complexity?
    what are the benefits?

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    The benefits are that you would have a dedicated program that is specifically built for such a purpose, and therefore may be more configurable and suitable for your current and future needs.

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    if apache is already in place and working, keep using it, no need to learn something new. apache is a very respectable reverse proxy.

    I believe your reverse directives should be defined within a virtual host container, so use alias' within those containers to specify where each folder goes.

    DocumentRoot "/path/to/apps/appName/root"
    Alias /com "/path/to/com"
    Alias /lib "/path/to/lib"
    DocumentRoot "/path/to/apps/appName/root"
    Alias /reverse "/path/to/com"
    reverse directives

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    thank u both

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