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    apache premissions

    I was wondering - what are the permissions that the HTML directory should have for an apache installation......

    My FTP server has a umask of 022 (pretty standard), and my FTP user has the primary group of the apache user, so that makes my uploads owned by the FTP user, and the user group that of apache.

    Now what is the best chmod settings to have keeping the above in mind?

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    your FTP has the umask 022
    so 777-022=755
    it means that the ftp user can read/write/execute the files who upload
    and others can only read and execute the files(normally just need read
    unless the files are the cgi files)

    because the ftp user has the primary group of apache and the HTMl directory belongs to apache so you must set the HTML directory as the
    permission 765

    $chmod 765 /path/to/directory

    or the ftp users will fail to upload files because of the lacking
    of write permission of the HTML directory

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    Well I can modify my permission structures or my umask (personal server). I am just trying to get it figured out the best way to setup my permissions so there is no need for manual intervention (and to just have it done properly and securly) like the chmod command. What is hte proper way to have ownership and groups set up, and with what permissions?

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