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    Add trailing slash


    I need to add a trailing slash to the end of my aliases.

    If a user comes to: it must go to: I need this to be done automatically and without a R=301 redirect, because in case of a redirect we will lose our params.


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    I assume this is apache?

    I always hated doing apache aliases. Doesn't apache just replace one matched string with another if you're using an alias? To include the trailing '/', you just add it to the end of the alias declaration, doncha? I could be wrong here, my knowledge of this is limited.
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    wouldn't it just be
    Alias /webfolder /var/www/path
    Alias /webfolder/ /var/www/path

    been a while, could also be if the directory is not browsable, make sure your options has indexing enabled in your virtual host
    Options Indexes
    another thing could be if your apache conf doesn't specify the fqdn being used.

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    I don't want to make aliases for each of it. We have hundreds of them.

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