I have got webmin to work under apache

Now I have some of the CGI scripts need access to the authenticated user's home files. For example, if the user authenticated as test. Then the CGI scripts will need access to all the files in /home/test.

The most secure way would be to somehow to tell apache to run CGI scripts as the current user on the fly. I don't think that is possible.

The next way is to somehow get Apache to run CGI scripts as root. suexec doesn't allow this.

This leads me to my next idea, Is there anyway I can create a user that will have root-like access to every file in /home/ and then have apache run CGI scripts via suexec with that user?


Any ideas or concepts on how I can get Apache to run CGI scripts to have enough permission to read/write files located in the /home/ dir?

At this moment, I am less worried about security.