I took over from a previous linux administrator without proper handover.
the scenario is like running samba pdc with access to different folders for different users.

My shared folder is like;

Groups are support,accounts,purchase etc.

Now under /home/SIS there are support,accounts,purchase folder too.

My /etc/passwd is like:

Now to my surprise all above of them doesn't have any issues at all with anything.But looking at the passwd file there is no profile for colin,martin or john.How is it possible?The dump I got from previous administrator is that we are not suppose to create home directory for them as it eat up the space on server.I created parallel scenarion did the same using -M.But i promt me up for roaming profile and doesn't allow me to save the changes on xp client machine.

Here I would like to know is it something /sbin/logon is doing some trick.

My requirement is to not having a roaming profile.Even I don't want to create home directories,but still want to retain the changes on static machine..
Is it possible or not?
Thanks in advance.