Hello All:

this is my first time i post in this forum, so i hope i'm posting in the right one

I have squid proxy version2.7.stable3-1ubuntu2.1 on my ubuntu machine (obviously ) and it's working fine.

but every day when i go over the log directory (/var/log/squid) i found it kind of messy (like access.log doesn't exit instead there's access.log.1 and no logging functionality is working, in.access.log is not marked as fifo file but instead in.access.log.1 does) but that's all OK i can deal with by clearing the directory and start over by creating in.access.log as fifo file (obviously i lost all the logs for squid)

I know there's a rotation functionality for squid.

but a few days ago my squid stopped abnormally and i've this error in the cache log "FATAL: logfileWrite (stdio): /var/log/squid/in.access.log: (32) Broken pipe" and no rotation was done on the logs.

so i thought this the problem in rotation and i didn't know how to solve it so i restart the server manually and proxy back to business and also my problem in rotation() (the messy directory)

i went over the installed packages and they are: (squid, squid-common, squid-cgi and they are all the same version, 'sarg' version is 2.2.5-1, squidclient version 3.0.STABLE7-1.ubuntu1)

So, is it integration problem that causes all this problem (bad rotation and broken pipe)? and if that so, what is the solution? or is it something else (maybe an update i should do)?

Please help me in this issue.