A conflict happens between directories A and B when a user modifies a file in both A and B before the next unison synchronization.

I would like to set up unison to run automatically as a cron job, but I need to be able to have it resolve conflicts like these safely without my intervention. I don't know what the merge feature is capable of doing, but I don't want to overwrite or combine conflicting versions of files at all.

In the case of a conflict, I would like unison to copy the file over using a different name so that nothing is overwritten. The end result would be something like

However, I don't want copies of ALL files that are synchronized; I just want conflicts to be resolved this way.

If I use these lines in my .prf...
backuplocation = local
backupsuffix = .$VERSION
maxbackups = 5
...will I get 5 copies of EVERY file that is synchronized?

Or... will it behave as I described, handling conflicts by making copies of those up to 5 times, while updating/deleting non-conflicting files on either side without backing up?