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    DNS database files question

    Hi all. I try to set up a hypothetical domain in a single linux (Red Hat machine. I just want to see if I can resolve my machine's IP address.

    The problem is that after setting up BIND 9.2.1 and all the required files
    (/etc/resolv.conf...../etc/hosts....../etc/named.conf.....and the database files) I cannot have my ONLY hostname resolved. I fear that it has to do something with the serial numbers in SOA records. I have them all 1s.

    It says : server can't find "hostname" : SERVFAIL

    Is there somenoe who knows why this simplest DNS set up does not work?
    I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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    More information!

    In order to help you I need more information...

    Please post your /etc/named.conf and your database files. (/etc/hosts has nothing to do with DNS)

    Also please post the entire command when you got the error.

    Have a look in /var/log/messages - does it give any clues?



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    It's ok. It was a syntax error. It had nothing to do with the serial numbers. Thanks anyway

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