I have installed sendmail. It works fine for a domain. This domain is controlled by www.no-ip.com because I have no static ip. After everything works fine I may rent one. I am form Spain and here I think I am no able to buy one. Anyway, I can send and receive mails even from outside.

I am trying to set up this server to use to control the mail for more than one domain. At the beginning there will be two. I’m planning to set up squid and iptables, probably next week. But before that I want to make work the server fine.

Is it posible to manage more thant one doamin in one server, how?

At the moment I created and user in the Debian and I can get/send e-mail for that user. Before I started I thought I had to create the e-mail accounts in the DNS server but I saw I was wrong, wasn’t I? To create new e-mails account do I have to create new users? How should I create them for security reasons? I tried with
#adduser –no-create-home –disabled-login –ingroup group user but I can make login. Was I right doing that?
I want to learn about security but little by little. At the moment I have so much to learn just to make everything works fine. Anyway some easy advices I would appreciate.

I will stop writing because if I keep asking everything I don’t manage I will write a book.

Thanks in advance.