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    Unhappy Unable to login to samba on Linux

    I tried to search for a solution for this problem but couldnt.
    So anyone out there plzzzz help

    I am really desperate

    I have samba configured on the linux box.

    1.Steps that I followed to configure samba.
    path = /<my path>
    writeable = yes
    guest ok = yes

    2. I added a user in the smbpasswd file using the command
    smbpasswd -a <any user that is going to logon from windows>

    3. I kept the security level to user. I cannot make it share because I need to delete some files and share level doesnot allow me that

    4. I login to the windows machine and in the run I type

    When I try the fourth step on the windows box I get an authentication pop up
    When I try to login with the user I specified in the smbpasswd file.It does not login and comes up with the username <computer name of windows >\<username>.

    I even tried mapping the users but couldn't do it I still get the authentication pop up

    please help...
    note : I cannot change the mod to 777 for the folder.

    Any suggestion please.

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    can you try without a username/password (configure samba to not require). For a really really basic samba to start with you can try this:

    workgroup = SIMPLE
    comment = For testing only, please
    path = /export/samba/test
    read only = no
    guest ok = yes

    you can then add to this and see what is causing the hangup
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